"What can I say about the week, except that the magic you wove there was beyond anything I could ever have imagined, and its effects resonate on like the echo of some incredible symphony that has worked its way into my sinews and my heart and the core of my being and will never fade......and the ongoing sense of vision, of being more at peace, calm more centred, more balanced, more open, more sensorially attuned to my surroundings....."
"I thought the mandala week was wonderful and magical."
"Folks would ask me -you came all the way to England and all you're doing is this workshop? Is it worth it? My answer to them was if only half of what happened, it would be worth it! I really cleared through a bunch of stuff. The locale itself was very relaxing and supportive energetically. I was able to totally focus on what we were doing. The people attending there were amazingly generous with their time, caring, and love. I always had the support I needed on all levels for whatever needed to happen. It was totally magical . And you highlighted an aspect I found amazing – What is strength? – the answer that came- Peace. If only more men understood that. On the emotional, I find the heart opening I experienced has improved my healing energy through-put. I am also praying with gratitude, that my life is shifting me to somewhere I have more community, more folks who accept me for who I am. Jacksonville has been a desert. I am so grateful, honored, and happy to have participated in this mandala process. I am so glad you found a way to do this that makes it accessible for the Westerner. Thank you very much for making this available. It is very powerful and very needed."
"The 'love generator' certainly had and is having the most wondrous effect on me. I really felt energised and ecstatic almost nostalgic during and after the Mandala...so much so that I'm singing out aloud. You have given me the gift of finding my voice and enjoy the freedom of expression through it. You have showed me the path to listen to the rhythm of my heart. How can I put into words the gratitude I feel as its simply beyond paper and pen, fingers to laptop lol!. You've helped lift the veil over my eyes and see the true beauty in others. I now feel I 'belong'...something that I never thought would happen especially in my depressive state of the recent past. You have set me on a journey which is unfolding day by day, turn by turn, duality to oneness- a step to a magical future. A present that I am a part of. You are an inspiration and a Guru, I am humbled to be taught by you and ask only of your blessing to be taught again & again."
"I have been keeping a log of how I feel since the mandala with great interest. It was hard going into my spiral weekend I just wanted to be with the energies and notice the changes. I have been chanting every day though I no longer wake up with negative thoughts – this is new and exciting I put poverty consciousness in the mandala and so many people rang about renting my room I have been turning them away ! I also put guilt – that has been tested this week and I was amazed at my loving re action instead of self punishment I've been waiting months for someone to fix my leaking kitchen roof and the lovely David came on Thursday saying remember me and th sun shone all day ! I plucked up the courage to go and ask my neighbors if they could be quieter one night even though my heart was thumping – and they did ! there is more to come i can just feel it........ thank you so much for your knowledge and experience and also for the energy and enthusiasm you had from the beginning to the end of each day – it was an incredible experience unlike anything else I have done..."
"It was magical and transformational week for me. Moreover lot of healing happened in terms of my relationship with men in my life, I could see most of the time what was happening and that these were past experiences happening again. I experienced so much love and was able to give love that I feel inspired to look at people in this way in everyday life, it is easier to live life and have hope for us human. I feel uplifted and energized and hope to keep this level of vibration and go even higher of course grounded at the same time by warm and calm Mother Earth."
"The course was absolutely great! I didn't know what to expect. I was spellbound. You are a very special person."
"Thank you, thank you a million times, for teaching me how to be back inside myself and what this means for the rest of my life, I know I must nurture it now in order to keep that contact, and I may indeed lose it again but I will be back – as you said I have had the experience and the experience grows more each time and I will be back. You have taught me – are still teaching me – the geography of my inner self, and there truly is a place where words take flight – I am suddenly inside the words, knowing the words from the inside, not just hearing them from the outside, breathing the words – I hear the blood and bone of them There IS a place where words grow wings, and colours beat in them, and they in me – ..'where fishes fly, and forests walk, where figs grow upon thorns....' – I know this place. I have been there with you. And I owe you so much."
"First, thank you for a beautiful, awesome week, I can't tell you how much your work means to me."
"It was special time for me and I am very grateful. Thank you so much for being and connecting us all together in special way. Everything was magical and extraordinary and I still dream that I am in the mandala -I open my heart and see what happen next."
"I wanted to say deep heartfelt thanks and how wonderful it is still. Big hugs from a rather special place which is transformed thanks to your hard work on our behalf..totally splendid stuff!"
Yvette and Brian
"A big thank you again for such a MAGIC week! – and for all your hard work in setting up and organising the exquisite choreography. It was a wonderful group of people, and I have image and sound impressions which will last for a very long time. I shall be back again."
"Thank you, it has been beautiful and totally inspiring."
"Thank you for a wonderful and enchanting week. I am hopeful that the healing of my ancestral line is underway The work you are doing is wonderful and I am very grateful that I was guided to be a part of the Healing Voice week."
"Thank you for a truly magical week, it is a privilege and an honour to be able to work with you and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity. All my love and see you in Dec! I have decided this would be a good time for me to come and try to bring my husband!!! Gulp Gulp........."
"The week was so special for me. So many times I just burst into tears of gratitude. I loved the depth of the work together with its meditative quality. On Friday evening as we sat together to share thoughts etc I was aware of being utterly calm and peaceful. It was as if I had dropped deeply inside myself, into that place of stillness and joy. For me that is huge as I have lived my life in stress, tension and nervousness. Now that I am back home I am very much remaining in connection with the mandala by chanting throughout the day and doing the purification ritual with Wim at least once a day. I play your overtone cd many times a day. I usually lay down to listen to it in the early evening. I have noticed that when I do that my body vibrates inside and the energy starts moving up the spine, down my arms and legs etc. Yesterday evening I had a really strong vibration in the root chakra which continued all night. Jill, thank you so much for making this healing work possible for me and all of us. It's really a gift from the Divine. You are the Messenger."
"Thank you for the way you were able to give yourself so wonderfully to us. As Vera already mentioned we enjoyed the whole week enormously including the little home where we would continue to chant and share."
"It was an amazing week and I still feel somewhat detached from my usual reality. During the ceremonies I felt very strongly that I had done these many times before. It was like coming home. I also had a sense we had worked together in the past."
"The healing energy of the week is still moving in me. I intend to bring some of those practices in my daily life (dreaming, chanting, honouring, seeing the gift in interactions, etc.)"
"I had such a wonderful wonderful time with you and everyone, it was just so magical and beautiful and what a perfect place to do the work. The gardens and the land is so peaceful and healing. Being May Queen was such an honour! it was such a suprise! I really really enjoyed the day I will always remember it. thank you!! I have felt lots better about lots of things since I got back, I did come to a few major realisations during the week, more towards the end and its helped lots."
"I enjoyed every aspect of the week, and met some wonderful people. Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge."
"A heartfelt thank you for your teachings. It was a wonderful experience to be led by someone so accomplished in the art of Wisdom energy. I felt very lucky to be there."
"I am home safe and well and just wish to say thank you with all my heart. Your workshop was amazing and I feel a major change in my energy system. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU"
"The week was truly profound for me, and among some of the deepest work I have done....so many blessings and synchronicities have followed – I'm feeling generally blissful and delightfully spoiled."
"Thank you the amazing workshop you orchestrated so smoothly in such a delightful, humourous and friendly, yet stunningly deep, way. I learnt as much from observing you, particularly how you lovingly deal with those potentially upsetting energies, as I did from undertaking the journey through the mandala. By the end of the retreat I began to have a clear idea of what it is I wish to do with my life. It has taken me 10 years to achieve this clarity! The workshop revealed to me that I love being part of a community, or group, of individuals who are serious about their self-development and who are equally determined to clear the emotional clutter from their life, all to the purpose, whether they realise it or not, of assisting our dear Mother Earth. But, the main thing that the workshop/retreat showed me, Jill, is that I would dearly and truly love to attend every event you undertake and be of assistance to you in any way that I can to help make your path a little smoother because the work you are doing is incredibly, fundamentally important and so loving and you are a precious resource. You are an amazing and wonderful example to me of wise woman, which is exactly what I wish to be when I grow up!"
"I really enjoyed the workshop. I was much more focused this time around, I seem to have absorbed a lot more, things are"happening" as time goes by-and I have cleared a lot of my baggage as a result of working with energy-yes a great week and brilliant people."
"Thanks for a fabulous week at Earth Spirit, I notice that there have already been shifts in energy as far as I am concerned."
"I am sure you know that I found the experience of last week profound! I was able to dive straight in to the Mandala and feel completely at home. I really felt part of the tribe/family and weren`t they all so marvellous? The chants are now deeply embedded in my mind and the visualisations I am using and are very supporting."
"Thank you for a wonder filled weekend. This time was a deeper reflection that triggered some interesting realisations, so thank you for giving me this gift."
"May I thank you for such an uplifting experience over last week. One does not realise how much baggage one picks up over the years and it was a relief to let at least some of it go. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
"So thank you for an amazing week, not least the sense of community and lack of separation that it engenders. It works brilliantly on so many levels. I had a real insight into the nature of stillness and detachment from thoughts and emotions during the week and hope that can be maintained, I also found the ancestor work very profound."
"First of all I want to thank you again for all your love, devotion and delicacy with which you have given us this wonderful week of healing: THANK YOU Jill!! For me, It was a really intensive inner work, having the opportunity to go deeper and deeper in myself. As I am now experiencing a period of sharp transition, desmantling old structures to build new ones, it was a very good moment to do the mandala. The fact of not being fluent in English, gave me the opportunity to further develop another way to communicate to people and perceive the environment through senses, feelings and intuition."
"I feel blessed by the whole experience and better able to face the inevitable future. Thank you for your support and the magic that you work."
"Firstly a big 'thank you' for the work you put in both to prepare and to run last week's workshop and Mandala. It was intensive for each of us and must have been for you, even whilst working at higher levels. For me it was a real journey, beginning with the 'fun' of the overtone chanting. The mandala became a 'drug' where we were lifted up to levels of energy and consciousness that kept us going. And what lovely people as well. It was a journey of personal and mutual discovery which I believe will be life-changing.....which is a bit scary as well!"
"Thank you so much for last week. The experience has left me saturated with a profound peace, a sense of steadiness, of surrender, and left me wanting to chant more and to carry on the spiritual exploration. The mandala allowed me to realise the importance of being seen, of being held with a loving gaze. How infrequently we are allowed to express quiet acceptance and love for each other! And so the mandala awakened in me the desire to serve people with love. Thank you for being the human umbrella of love! I felt that your guidance and protection was both gentle and firm, compassionate and challenging, brave and liberating. To be guided to things but never to be told them, to be allowed to make realisations of one's own and never to be forced is incredibly empowering, especially when you have been taught never to trust your own judgment. So thank you for you kindness and you strength and your constant focus in sometimes challenging moments."
"Thank you for an amazing week. For me, it was even more powerful than last year. Maybe I am more open as a result of last year's...but I don't want to analyse. I'm still 'spiritually stoned'!"
"Thank you so much for a wonderful week, which I still feel part of in those dreamy periods in the early morning before full wakefulness. And I'm still chanting!"
"Again, my deepest thanks for the Healing Voice week, its impossible to find words for all of that powerful magic but I know the energies that touched us all will resonate with me for the rest of my life."
"What to say about a week –"powerful medicine" as they say. I have never experienced such a multifaceted healing experience on so many levels, for me, for the universe, for the plant world So, thank you for doing this extraordinary work and for helping us all to work in this way-fast and strong it takes you right where you are supposed to be."
"Thank you so much for all you gave us. It will stay with me for ever."
"Thank you so much for a wonderful week I met so many lovely people and felt connected to them all by the end of our time together. Something very beautiful happens in the mandala and gives me hope for the world. As the week went on synchronicities and aha moments came to me more and more frequently. The mandala also seems to have moved things elsewhere in the family. During the week my brother received an offer for the full asking price of my late mother's house, which has been for sale for over a year now."
"It was an intense week, I seemed to move through all emotions & feelings suddenly coming back to the silence of myself."
"The week after leaving the group was a very peaceful week, in spite of having a lot of work to do at the office. The Mandala experience was great. It is one of the most powerful group works we have done, till now. It is a very profound work, because we have been working with sound, colour, number and form in a magical way for hours. Thank you for guiding us, for sharing your wisdom and for your infinite love and patience."
Miquel and Rosa
"Returning home I continued to make connections about happenings during the mandala; mirror like reflection, illusion,"jokers in the pack?", ego and acceptance, energy surges and release, detachment, stillness. I have been meditating most days. I feel that I have moved a lot of energy, My awareness of my energy in tai chi has increased I am able to be more detached in my work, I feel that I am in my centre more of the time."
"The 10 days were a totally amazing experience for me on many levels, there were wheels within wheels and since getting back I have told people that after many years of doing various spiritual and self-development courses, workshops, etc. I found this one to be the most powerful. Yes, magical and surprising things were taking place too. I feel quite emotional thinking about it all again, in order to tell you about the revelations and transformations. I felt emotional when people asked me how it went when I got back. I had the chanting and mantra's in my head for some days afterwards as I'm sure everyone else did."
"The week was a pivotal transformative and loving, humbling Experience for me. The practice! The process, the hugs, The tears and joy."
"Mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I feel more positive, happier, especially with my Mother than I did before. I am also less worried – hooray. Feel more connected with people even to the extent when I went into our local town and I looked at everyone's faces and said to myself we are all connected. Usually I would feel slightly threatened by so many people. Have also had more synchronicity of late. Thank you for all your hard work it is appreciated very much, but have to say it was worth it."
"Thank you once again for the wonderful healing voice week ! It was an extraordinary experience, and I am so glad I participated. I was back home sunday evening – and back to the office right away Monday morning ... still humming and chanting (mostly just in my head, silently and secretly, sometimes even aloud), still embedded in the dynamics of the past days, the energy of the whole group, the atmosphere of the entire place, the close sound of the mantras and prayers. The 'healing the ancestors'-ceremony was very powerful for me, too. I was able to physically feel the flow of the energy, the relief of letting go all the negative forces I know or don't know about and the gratitude for all the qualities my ancestor's field consists of. The way we did the ceremony – and your personal approach you shared with us – also gave me a completely new idea of how to 'deal' with it in the future. Thank you again, Jill: for facilitating the week, for bringing together such wonderful groups, for preparing the ground where healing can happen, for sharing your knowledge and voice, for your presence, for your inspiration – and for your questions."
"What a truly an awesome week, and I know I will be integrating the learnings for quite sometime. Since the retreat, I have been quite busy in life which have given me an opportunity to practice what has been a very key learning from the retreat...abundance! (not sure if I mentioned, on the last day I found a 4 leaf and 5 leaf clover) I came to the workshop wanting to experience surrender, and I felt I touched it and it was quite different from what I expected. I experienced surrender to oneness as a wonderful relief accompanied by 'but of course' moments of clarity, thankfulness and joy and how easy these things can be if I just let it be. I learnt that surrender means surrender to the absoluteness of abundance and love – I wasn't clear before that I had something to surrender to. And it doesn't feel like a manufactured quality of abundance and love, not something to be seeking, but rather something that is always there, and I have the ability to choose to be in it, or to be distracted by fear. I'm deeply inspired by your leading of the retreat that I felt was full of compassion, integrity and depth of connection. My intuition tells me that my power to inspire, to be fulfilled in who I am and what I do, comes from the divine feminine. Perhaps so for all women, however I feel it of real significance for me. Thus to be on this retreat, with you guiding the way was wonderful."
"I skyped with a friend a week ago and she was astounded at how I looked even through poor quality skype video. said I was glowing!! the week was quite magical for me, and has left me feeling contented in myself in a way that I can't remember experiencing previously. And certainly the contentment is still with me after a week at home... The things that I remember the most apart from all the love and support I experienced: the joy of being able to move again so easily and feeling so balanced in my body. And that experience of being bathed in absolutely pure clear energy as I sat when you were meditating. I was both bathed in that energy and it was part of me. I've never before experienced such a sense of clarity both physically and mentally/emotionally. It was extraordinary. While these were the outstanding moments if you like, the whole week was a process which just seemed to build and build."
"There is an underlying sense of serenity and joy every day."
"I had a wonderful week. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of an artwork on such a grand scale and that I was put in contact with such an extremely knowledgeable, but grounded, sober, humble and fun woman. I do feel that we have not only done important work for ourselves and healing for each other in the group, but that the mandala has set energies in motion on a global or universal level. I feel privileged that I could be part of that and I sense that so much has happened on so many levels in this intense week, I can't even begin to grasp it all. I am sure it all will unfold at certain points in my life. I am continuing with the chanting at home. It is extraordinary. I would really like to do some ancestral work at some point."
"The mandala is constantly turning whether I pay attention to it or not; however, with focused awareness and receptivity, many synchronicities are brought to consciousness. The retreat fostered the time and space for me to focus and be receptive, as well as the opportunity to consciously explore the nature of attachment and separation."
"Thank you Jill. This work is very powerful and unique and it was a privilege to have experienced it with such an interesting group of people. It will sustain me for a long while."
"A belated THANKYOU for a wonderful, magical week. It was an honour and a privilege to meet and work with such beautiful people and kindred spirits (I know I have made new life long friends!) It was the perfect timing – helping me to start the grieving process and letting go of my dear brother who passed in March this year. The I will never forget the May day ceremony – pure magic! The Mandala was an amazing and powerful experience and indeed is still turning. I am experiencing a lot of relationship stuff coming to the surface to be healed!"
"It was a great week and an honour to sing on May Day – and how right it all was. The session in the dining room on the last evening with all the singing, chanting, drumming and dancing and droning was so good. I seldom feel at ease with people 'in authority' but you manage to create and dissolve boundaries with such grace that it was all so at ease. The company of like minded and mainly egoless people was a joy and I felt a great sense of belonging. What I gained most was a reawakening of compassion, and its effects still linger... for a long time I hope. Humility too. I was very contained and youthful on returning home...for a few days. I have a strong reluctance to be near any negativity since. Some of the after effects are quite physical. I'm overtoning daily which is improving and yes, it seems to be strengthening the voice. Not quite sure how you manage to make the arpeggio overtones but expect that will take some time."
"Thank you for a fabulous week ; what a magical time. I think I will be living in the atmosphere of it for some time to come."
"I found the course absolutely wonderful, I had an amazing time working on a real life mandala. I feel so lucky to have been guided to do your course."
"I soooo much appreciated the week you recently led in Somerset . . . I have felt very well following it (I feel more relaxed in my being)."
"Thank you beyond words. You have given me a wonderful week of learning, of receiving, of healing. A week spent in the practice of kindness. I feel profoundly content to be returning to my own self with boundaries properly in place. After a long wait, I feel I have regained my focus, and that I can be more open to other people and to all good things. And I do hope to continue to chant. I thank you for sharing wisdom, work, and energy; for joy."
"Dear Mother Jill, Something is happening with me and I do not know what it is. The Week was marvellous, more loving then expected...my heart is serene and waiting."
"Still, I'm bathing in the oil-like soothing atmosphere that was created by our group during the week. I never felt so welcomed and at home as in the last week amongst you and all the other people, members of the family, of a greater family I never imaged I could join. Thank you very much for your dedication to your mission, creating this power of wisdom, of love, of exchange and of caring for each other beyond bondages, making it possible and accessible for us to join together. I still feel fulfilled and complete, completely filled with sounds, musics and rhythms, ready to blow off again in ecstasy, while stillness is there. Daily life keeps grounded."
"Thank you for the May week, which was a delight and, as usual, so valuable. I really cannot tell you how much I value your work – it has made the most enormous difference to my life and I am so so grateful."
"Thank you for the amazing and magical week which helped me in so many ways, and not least for all the baggage that was transformed !!! working on so many levels. I arrived home very energized and that stayed for about four days before gradually lessening. All the magical and beautiful images and sounds echoing through my days and in my dreams at night wonderful ! My family thought that I looked and sounded different when I returned home and it was good to have such encouraging feedback. So much of my body that was out of alignment or twisted since my crash with a lorry in '82 are now aligned and not twisted!, and the connection through my brain has been re-established with wonderful results. So this has all, been a very magical time in my life, with threads running through threads as this wonderful time has unfolded for me. Jill thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything."
"When we started working with the Mandala I felt strongly that you were guided to do it. That it was all done with such integrity and unwavering attention. The energy in the room was unbelievable, it was a FIELD. It is very interesting that you say in your Dzogchen teachings the 5 families were rarely mentioned. In the mandala I felt I could go in a short time through many lives as a neglected and manipulated child and – suddenly grow up and be free. That was a great experience."
"The week was absolutely fabulous for me, and I treasure every memory I have of the time I spent with you and group. I have been practicing the overtone chanting and I can now hear it better-I am getting better at it. As I have tried to explain to people what I did while I was in England it has been a challenge! How to put this work into words. But it has also been a wonderful way to recall the experience. This past weekend I was talking to someone I had just met and telling him about it. It turns out he was a tibetan buddhist monk for 10 years and he was very interested in the work and understood much of what I was trying to explain. Of the over 100 people at the meeting I was at it was interesting that he sat next to me for lunch and we talked about this! Thanks for the most wonderful gift of the week with you."
"The Mandala of Conscious Dreaming is a brilliant ceremony – intricate and cyclic, opening & joining body, speech, and mind. The opportunity to repeat chants, movements, and psychic breakthroughs over a period of days, in a bonded community, created a generous, resonant, continuous experience, on that infuses my days--and nights. I am esp. grateful for the daylight training in dream recall, & for dreams of clarity that started during the retreat. And for the reminder that primary reason for remembering dreams is not dream narration or analysis (neither of which I've been attracted to) but the goal of training oneself to remember to maintain lucidity at the time of death and beyond. I love doing ceremony with you."
"The week"Voice and Dreams" has been a very special one in my life. I expected"food" for my professional life and I got"food" for my spiritual path – which of course nourishes my professional life too. Thanks to your"going right into it" I had the chance to really experience rituals. This is very rare in our time, where speed seems so important. The 10 – 12 hours chanting gave my body a very special flexibility and agility I hardly ever experienced. The chanting is going on: in the morning under the shower, etc., in the car, during cooking....So my voice and my breath are improving. I enjoyed your personality and how you did it! Thanks very much. I certainly will come back."
"1st time I sang since the Healing Voice week, in a big church with extraordinary acoustic to an audience.... A WHOLE NEW VOICE!,... my my,... it wasn't that I didn't believe you when you said it would be transformed,.. it was that I couldn't envisage what it would be like,.. velvety rainbow. Thank you"
"Thank you so much for the experience of your spring Mandala workshop. The depth and range of the experience, on so many levels, was utterly unique and will be with me forever – just to get a glimpse of your vision was mind-blowing. On an everyday level, I discovered the mysterious power of singing, chant and ceremony – it was a little like being a child again – a happy child. I now know that I have a sweet (if small!) singing voice that can go on and on (and it comes from my soul!) and it will give me energy too. But that was just one ripple in a sea of enlightenment – the greatest gift was to see our private suffering in its place as part of one compassionate world. The connection and trust that this created in each one of us was so very special. At one point I felt utterly limitless and yet utterly at home, as the yin and yang of our lives, emotions, history, everything – gracefully fell into place. Wow! Many thanks – I have tears in my eyes!"
"The week was quite marvellous and a wonderful extension of the work I've been doing for the last three years with my teachers Lar Short and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. Before the week I hadn't been aware of the dreams for quite some time, but gradually opened to them again during the mandala. Several powerful experiences came by the end of the retreat and afterward which I recorded in my dream journal."
"A warm thank you for the wonderful course this May. It was really a culmination of things for me and in my introduction at the beginning of the course I said that this was the third one I had come to. The first to check out my sanity... the second to celebrate my new found joy and the third to extend my gratitude. So I hope I managed to convey that! If not I again extend it to you Jill. I so enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere at the"dreamy" mandala this year, and it is your incredible, non-judgmental nature that I, if not everyone, so enjoy. Having been last on the mandala had a very profound affect on me. I really felt the need to bring up the rear so to speak, and felt honoured and appreciated, and managed to embrace nearly everyone on the course. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to my healing and to being able to live my life normally, without having to be centre, or button pusher, or comedian! Life may seem to be a little duller (no dramas, or fights...), but so much more rewarding!"
"It was a magical mandala! It is still reverberating thru both my awake & my sleep! My dreams continued to concentrate on being within the Circle/Spiral: waking each morning with the chants ringing in my consciousness & the deliciousness (Yes! that's the word-feeling exactly!) of Our Uplifting Creation."
"Words are insufficient to feedback the experience. How do you express time shifts that have continued....time is not the same. During the week time was timeless, it was here, then and maybe to be...at present it passes in waves. Dreams of mandalas, directions and colours in the strangest of places. My latest work is to find out how to be conscious in dreams, how to regain the lost knowledge of childhood and it felt like the first step the practices you gave, a real gift. The whole experience had a profound affect on me. The chanting changed my voice...it stilled me in a way I find difficult...I loved the weekend where we were in twos and you could feel the chanting joining and becoming more than the two voices. I was really surprised to manage an overtone occasionally. The chanting during the Mandala was magical..from the first evening it was magical. During the Mandala I felt several blissful moments, I felt full of energy and with childlike vision, everything felt fresh and new. The separation at times ceased, my parent, your parent, me, you ....all were the same. I loved the different feel of the colours in the directions. I also was grateful for the fire ceremony...me and my family have lost touch with the earth, fire, water and air.....I have started getting back in touch with the cycles of life....so again it was encouragement to continue. So as I say I can't truly put it in words but thank you."
"I am still feeling the amazing benefits of the week. I know that transformation is taking place and things can never be the same again. I feel more like my authentic self and know that sound is my souls calling. It was particularly moving for me to get confirmation on what has been a childhood desire to chant and sing my life away! My souls essence feels truly ready to let go of the patterns which obscure the true self. I am still dazzled by the genius of the mandala process and how clearly it demonstrates the illusions and dreams we create."
"I owe you so many thanks for facilitating the mandala, for giving us all the structure for learning, so powerfully, so potently that the worlds within and without reflect and mirror each other. With each mandala week I do things sink deeper and deeper inside me. I become more able to open up to receive things that somehow I always knew but did not have language for, or that my intellect dismissed as small or 'imaginary'. I appreciate that repetition and physically doing, singing, chanting, rotating, dancing, helps my body to learn the lessons I need to remember. The repeated visualisations open up the reality of the world beyond mind. By the end of the mandala I had had so many AHA! moments, so many gifts of understanding, so many insights and so much giving and receiving of love. I am rich indeed. It is a privilege and a joy to be human, to be part of the physical world, and to experience the spiritual love that can flow so freely between all of us when our hearts are open to it. And to really feel/know that we are all one. I thank you and honour you for your gift of the space, time, organisation and gentleness of your teaching. It is impossible to put into words all that I received last week – thank you."
"I am still dreaming the mandala every night in my sleep. Every morning I wake up singing. I am grateful for who you are and for what you do for all of us. I look forward to being with you again soon."
"Greetings Jill ( The Mother) I think I have almost landed back here in the States. It was one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had. Words can't really capture the texture and layers of experience and healing that I received and am still receiving. I am feeling a bit nostalgic for it to be honest. The chanting was revolutionary & trans formative for me. On so many levels. I have been chanting those same chants in the shower, driving, cooking, walking down the street, while standing in line. It's not the same by myself. One of the most power full and healing things for me ( there were many) was feeling part of something. To be an individual and at the same time connected to something universal. It's like I have my own heart beat and I was also part of the collective heartbeat, and I could listen to both, and receive the nourishing blood of life from both. Since most of the time I feel very separate, very much alone, this feeling 'part' of something was deeply healing for me, and I believe for all of us. A paradigm shift. During these last 4 years of illness and intense healing, there were moments when it was clear to me that I wasn't just healing myself but that I was healing my ancestors. That I was clearing hurts and pain and sickness that was way beyond me. The Ancestral work feels so important for me and I am very grateful for you Jill and the opportunity to heal at this very deep necessary level."
"This was truly the most powerful healing I've ever experienced."
"I just wanted to write and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing week. I have never experienced such intensely powerful group work, that resonated for me, on so many layers and levels. The continuous chanting filled my soul and connected me to a part of myself that I had long since forgotten. Becoming a mandala was a very magical experience, that has, and indeed will continue to have profound effects. To be apart of such a ceremony was an honour, and I felt deeply connected to all those around me, both seen and unseen, and has increased my interest and passion for ancestral work, the key I feel, to so much I feel that the whole group space offered such a uniquely safe environment. I know that this week has clarified for me my passion and desire to work with sound. It called to me a few years ago, when I first came to one of your weekend work shops, and through that and since then, I feel as though my sounding and voice work is `calling my soul home`. I long to combine my counselling with my sound training, in particular voice work, and connecting to that aspect of self. For me, so often, I feel a need to go beyond the word, not to be caught within and lost within language. So.... as the effects of the week continue to resonate and vibrate within my being, I shall look to the future with great joy, with newly opened eyes, and a heart full of love and peace and some wonderful memories."
"There has been a lot of integration. Things I have known intellectually for years are now being felt in my heart. The healing will continue to happen and I feel so differently about everything. The magic and mystery of it all is exquisite and perfect. I just adored the symbolism and to spend time in such a group of people was overwhelmingly scary for me but also sweetly familiar. Like coming home. I had eureka moments aplenty during the process and they continue and will, I'm sure, for a long long while. Thank you for having the dream and bringing it into being."
"I am so pleased to have gone through the experience of last week. Even though at times it was deeply emotional, especially within the circles. I now feel in this moment more alive and free, at peace, laughing, accepting, lighter. I have a great deal to celebrate, and a great deal for which to thank you. A bucketful of gratitude to you for your energy (wow), your patience, compassion, sense of fun, groundedness, and last but not least, the beauty of the temple. The piercing light and colour that hit my eyes was blinding, beautiful and totally magical. It literally took my breath away, I had to step back to steady myself. The whole experience became more authentic and genuine with each click of the circles. By the time I got to the last day, I think I was really beginning to believe the process."
"I loved the week. The magic picked me up and along I floated with joy in my heart. Perfect. It was the most relaxed I have been in years. It took me about 3 hours to try and explain it to my husband! Thank you thank you."
"I have never experienced – or rather inhabited – a mandala in the way we did this past week, particularly one that integrated so many different aspects of our lives: our vibrating bodies, relationships with our ancestors, our dreams, and arisings and passings away on all sorts of levels – each approached experientially and emanating from an essential emptiness. It was a magical and transformative week, and I bow in gratitude to your ability to unfold what has been revealed to you and to hold such a powerful space for so many people. This was my first time to England and I was struck by how alive it felt. Very different from the other sacred land I know well (the American southwest), which has an airier, more electric – and, for me, rather more wrathful – quality. I revere them both. Again, thank you for your presence in my life and for your skill at setting in motion – and dissolving – this magnificent mandala. I hope our paths will cross again soon."
"I wanted once again, formally to express my gratitude for the phenomenal alchemical structure you've created (and hold) through the mandala work..... It allows for depth"corrective" psychological transformation which Fritz Perls would have admired It brings collective unconscious processes to bear in ways that Carl Jung would surely have taken his hat off to– It functions as a re-sacralisation of group processes through which the individual can truly access their own divinity (whilst remaining grounded)."
"Thank you for your generosity of spirit and love. I have returned home, inspired."
"What an amazing week, I had so many insights, a revelation, a lot of love, and closeness, and fun, and have really made some good new friends – can't wait for the October one!"
"Thank you for what you do. Last week was amazing for many, many reasons of reasons, (e.g wonderful supportive people, apparently all pursuing development and authenticity, wonderful information, tools and techniques, and teachings, wonderful food and environment again. It feels as though cosmic ultrasound has shattered a huge emotional gall stone!"
"Thank you for a wonderful week in Somerset, it was a truly amazing and revealing time for me. I came into the office yesterday like an excited puppy and told everyone of what we did."
"A heart felt thank you for so many things, the energy you gave to the workshop, your guidance, the sharing of your knowledge and to witness the individual but total empathy that you somehow showed each and everyone of us, the list is endless and I am so grateful, add to that the continuous and awesome synchronicities confirming that I was in the right place... well, what Blessings!! The major lesson for me was 'Remember to listen' I don't remember much of the drive home, I think Peter Pan turned up and we flew......!"
"Jill, Divine Mother... Thank you so much for being the container you are and facilitating the work you are. The week was a magical mystical experience. In the end I encountered a new me, the real me. I have reached a new place of balance and calm. My sacred heart has opened in new and powerful ways. I got to connect and reconnect with so many beautiful brothers and sisters."
"I loved every moment of the week it was like coming home again."
Elly Jane
"I had lots of little important understandings
I had revelations
I had magic
I had love
I had singing
I had deep philosophy in the tub!
I had a robin to talk to on the guy ropes of my tent
I had a safe environment for deep work
I had a magical drumming evening
I thank you for facilitating all this."

"I think I have only come back down to earth again in the past two days. I thought I had an idea of how the week may unravel but I was very wrong! I found it to be a very emotional and liberating week. My husband and my two sons, all commented that I was"different" when I returned. Well, my husband actually commented that I had returned all"loved up".. Various mums at my sons' school thought my eyes looked very bright and I felt very relaxed. I felt deeply relaxed for several days and have been chanting in the car and at home before meditating. Thank you and I will be back. Many thanks again for a truly liberating and memorable week."
"Thank you so much for a wonderful week. It was without a shadow of a doubt THE most wonderful week I care to remember. With love from my thawing heart."
"I have been deliberately holding off writing to you in order to allow the significance and extent of what took place on that magical week to filter through my consciousness. The first thing to say is that my wife, who is very practical in her outlook and not given to visions, said that while I was away she had a sudden and clear vision of me standing as if shed of a great burden and full of light. I had no hesitation in assuring her that that was my experience. I have spent some time drawing up the mandala which was the story of our collective lives over five days to help my overview of the astonishing journey we had all undertaken and, perhaps, to gain some insight into what had been taking place. There is much that has become clearer and much more that, I sense, has yet to come to the surface. It seems to me that the key factor that arose in this pilgrimage of the soul was its simultaneously individual and universal nature. I felt that, in progressing on my individual journey through four 'lifetimes' as it were, I was also an integral and intimate part of the lives of all the so called 'other individuals,' and what came of this dance of life was what I can only describe as a sort of 'strip-the-willow' of the ego. Dramatic confirmation of this was the transformation of the highly disparate group of individuals who arrived, into one unified family by the end of the week; peace and love prevailing. It is not in the nature of sound and all that it conveys to stop dead simply on the cessation of the particular activity that produced it (certainly it still rings here) and I suspect that this sound will carry its essence out into a much wider domain than we can possibly imagine. As you made clear at the final beautiful fire ceremony (which I am very glad I did not miss), this was the beginning rather than the ending and what we have learned and experienced now needs to be taken forward in our lives in the spirit of the mandala."
"I really enjoyed our week together. I found the mandala process absolutely fascinating. It gave me a lot of insights into myself, some of them into areas of myself that I had not yet found the courage to work with. It challenged my"I cant do it" beliefs – big time!! Good."
"Looking back I think the key thing for me was surrender, giving myself completely, trusting that whatever was happening for me during the week was completely as it should be. Now as I enter a time of great uncertainty in my life, I am in a place of complete trust. I know that I will be where I need to be, with whoever I need to be with, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I always thought that freedom meant an absence of responsibility. I now realise that true freedom is the feeling that comes with trust in the divine. Thank you for leading me to such a wonderful way of being."
"I am happy that I could taste of the wonderful ceremonies you gave. The chanting was just great. As English is not my language I am also watching the way you do things, and I must say I learned a lot from this. I appreciated your spontaneity and your way of behaving with people. You are a great Master and I am grateful I had the opportunity of meeting you again in this lifetime."
"The week was wonderful, inspiring, and healing. The Mandala is a great platform to experience all sorts of feelings & emotions. This time I also managed to learn to chant the overtones, which fills me with joy and I chant the whole day now to the detriment of some of my family members – others are joining in! To see and experience my own old patterns and habits was very revealing to me. I hope that knowing them will help me to move forward and stop charging and defending so much and rather act from a place of love and understanding. I asked for lightness and playfulness and serenity and harmony and start to experience in my everyday life in small doses already."
"For me the week was a wonderful experience, especially being part of a caring , loving community. I think what I enjoyed most, was just being me,"
"Again it was a wonderful & powerful experience to be part of the turning Mandala, so I could truly work through a lot of issues that I had and was not even aware of. Well so many things happen simultaneously as we go through the mandala, and I am sure more and more revelations will come to me as time progresses. The system you have developed is utterly magical! Thank you so much for that!"
"I found the week intensive had times of great energy, freedom, joy and happiness, and moments of profound and tangible silence. I felt that there were times when we created such a wonderful energy that it had the ability to work not only on an individual, group, planetary, but universal level, through many dimensions, through time and space, healing and transforming. The realisation has come that I am already in the mandala, the mandala of life, which is happening to me and everyone else, each and every second. It's not just a process I went through for a week with you."
"It was a blessing to have been with you and the group during the May week. I will never cease to be enthralled with the splendour of this life and my thanks to you again for lifting yet more veils of perception to help us see and remember. The undulating patterns of order that intermingle gracefully through the essence of being beckon the soul to reach higher. Thank you for illuminating that way. Well what turns have meandered here already? Well some are more obvious others are probably still pulling at my forgetfulness waiting to be heard."
"Our time together was so powerful, joyful, peaceful and magical.I felt purified. I can be more myself now. I feel the new energy energy in every cell of my being. I have more courage to express my true feelings and deep emotions now."
"I really enjoyed the week and it never ceases to amaze me how wonderful and magical the effect of chanting with so many people for so long is.....more more and more...."
"Thank you for a fantastic week. I enjoyed it in quite a different way to last year as I feel I have made quantum leaps regarding the anxiety I have been holding for most of my life and its source. Being more relaxed really allowed me to open up more and create much deeper connections with people that I intend to nurture. I also had a profound sense of belonging,"I BELONG", especially on the last day, when it sunk in that all of life is mandala and how life manifests itself in an especially unique way when you put yourself in an environment with a balance of structure and randomness. I feel like I have learnt so much yet I can't begin to quantify .. which is fine. I don't think it necessarily needs to be intellectualised .. I am sure that awareness will come in time as necessary. I think the biggest noticeable change has been with my relationships at home and especially with my girlfriend and her children. I have been able to offer & commit so much more to the relationship now that some of my fundamental needs have been met in some way."
"The experience was life changing-it was a journey for me on every level and occupied my spiritual, emotional and physical presence in a way I had never experienced before. At times I felt such a connection with the group that my own separateness was no longer experienced-I became one with them. At other times particularly in the group with my father and mother I was given constant mirrors of my earliest childhood experiences but this time I could also experience this in a different way-it was given humour, humanity and understanding. If I can just share a very powerful part of the week which mixed for me some of the essence of being human-the pain in accepting how transitory pleasure is. There were so many experiences felt for me on an individual level and collectively I could go on... I felt Jill that your integrity and wholeness about what you were doing enabled me to have these experiences. Your complete trust and honouring of the process has my deepest respect and does have this transformative effect."
"Just a few words to describe my week cathartic, caring, companionable, solitary, life affirming & questioning, sonorous, sweet and filled with memories of sound and vison radiating and hopefully still resonating through us all. Many, many thanks for your inspiration and tireless energy throughout the week."
"I have been trying to find suitable words with which to say what I feel and how important my experience with you. The Intensive Week was very powerful and changed a lot of things and now I am integrating and elaborating What I learnt about myself and the relationship with others. Also I learnt a lot to seeing how you conduct a workshop and the people involved.. The Mandala is very strong and original experience. I'm practising the overtone chanting and everyday I learn a little bit more."
"I came back from the workshop feeling very settled in myself. No more raking. My heart feels sound. It feels warm and soft and incredibly strong and I am able to speak and act from my heart no need for control. It feels wonderful. When we arrived I felt as though something was swinging round in my chest area,. Something like a sledge hammer smashing through all that had accumulated over the years. Then the chanting took over. It was wonderful. I loved this ceremony. I loved the depth of understanding that I have gained of seeing myself in every aspect. I loved the colour, I loved the chant and I love that my heart can no longer be knocked off course. Wonderful. May all the Angels in heaven bless you."
"I felt on a great health and well being high after the week, and my voice felt and sounded great. (I was sorry I didn't have a recording contract or studio as had it would have been a great time do some recording!)"
"I thoroughly enjoyed the week- I truly felt the mandala was a living embodiment and I continue to feel the joy – there has been no let down and I relish life even more than before, in all its moments. My voice, indeed, is freer and I speak my truth with more ease and naturalness. The intensive has been a wonderful accelerant to me on my path. I love to tone/overtone for a minute or two each morning and I can hear the floating angelic voices – I trust they will become stronger with practice."
"I now have an idea of what you were getting at when you said each course is different. I could not have imagined on how many levels.The levels of connection between 80 or so complete strangers within a very short time was astonishing: so many people were immensely open and I found this vastly moving. There was a level of treating one another's with vast tenderness and compassion. Indeed, it seemed to me that a wider understanding was gained by everyone, and that through gaining that, we all touched the hem of the divine. I was floored by the numbers of people who commented, entirely spontaneously, on the difference in me in but a few days. When I got home others commented too, which rather put the seal on it. Very surprising, rather embarrassing, distinctly pleasing. We had the most amazing storm, and an ecstatic Mayday morning, and you commented on 'cracks in time' and moments of extraordinary energy. I was intrigued, and caught up in it. My plan of a little light morning chanting and then getting to grips with some work plus pottering about in the village/ country etc. bit the dust in short order. Throughout it all, threaded through the week, was that amazing pervasive sense of the numinous, of being a part of a greater whole from which we cannot be parted."
"the week was very beautiful, very magical and very profound. This work is making me stronger and wiser and much more able to manage difficult situations without either attacking or capitulating or indeed just saying nothing. I feel as though I am being trawled at a deep level. Bless you, I am crying and laughing with relief as I write."
"I want to thank you again for a most unique experience in the Intensive week. The Living Mandala was a creation of outstanding spiritual beauty & I shall always remember it. You managed to make each one of us feel special, as you gave so freely & warmly of yourself. The final part was a most beautiful ceremony. I found the ancestral line chanting at the weekend very powerful, having absolutely no family left now & also the final work around the fire very cathartic."
"My feet have now touched the earth again! But the work is on-going and the mandala is still turning. I think it's so powerful because it's experiential, rather than talking about things you're really confronting and doing them instead, and you're in community. I know you can't say it's a mystery school, but that's what you're running isn't it really? I know you can't answer that."
"I felt very different after the course. I felt quite motivated artistically and felt that I'd let the breaks off for once. I am completely sold on the idea of the transformational effects of sound and am desperate to explore it further. Jill, I think that your work is tremendous and thanks very much for a very enlightening few week. – Jean It was an amazing week, so many interesting and talented people, all with fascinating stories to tell, and such love and magical mystery around. It takes a while to pick up the threads of life after such a wonderful time in the mandala! It all felt safe and very contained by your presence Jill, you must be so proud and delighted to act as the catalyst for change and endless possibilities."
"It was very hard to leave after the workshop. I experienced a degree of love, healing and support that was new in my life, and which I didn't think was possible. And it's all down to you and the amazing work you do and BLESS YOU. I was really living and it's given me new life and hope and excitement about all the possibilities out there, and I met the most amazing people. I've been in contact with some of them this week. It felt like finding my tribe with you as most loved and revered High Priestess. If there is any way that I can serve you in the future in any small way please say. You have connected me back up again. I will always be joyfully in your debt. Words are so inadequate. I'm embarrassed. I will see you soon."
"I'm still trying to get to grips with the week and how tremendous the week was. At the beginning when you explained the mandala and what we were going to do I thought, oh no, theres no way I can do that for 5 days ! and every part of me resisted the idea of it. However, after I rang the bell to make the first entrance in to the 'temple" and took my place in the circle to the sound of the chant I felt something quite incredible. Every hair on my body stood up on end and for a few moments I was filled with a strong sense of the holiness that was in the room. It felt like what was about to happen was very sacred, very holy and very, very important which indeed it was. Thank you so much for being such a magnificent conductor of this very special and sacred event and I feel blessed to have been a part of it . I think it was a work of pure inspiration it has to be one of the sweetest moments of my life and watching the faces of everyone else was also incredibly moving."
"all looking very positive indeed – in sum I would say that we have done something truly extraordinary over the week of the Mandala - what the alchemist's call the Great Work"
"I just wanted to acknowledge to you something of what the last week or so has meant to me. I would like to be able to acknowledge all of it's significance for me but there is so much. It feels as though it was the culmination, consolidation and harmonisation of many different paths I have been taking and strands of my life – singing/voice/music, spiritual/psychotherapy/healing, yoga. It was everything that I had hoped for and so much more. Voice: I had hoped to work on my voice, clear it, tone it and improve it. That seems to have happened in abundance – I just hope I can keep it tuned. Full body, mind and spirit health farm!: I had hoped to have rest, recuperation and regeneration after years stressful and painful inner work. That seems to have happened in abundance. Various aches and pains that emerged over the last few years feel as though they have received wonderful 'ultrasound' therapy and I feel more balanced, happy, peaceful, open and loving than I can remember. As a vegetarian, it was wonderful to be fed, and able to eat whatever was put in front of me and for it to be delicious and nutritious. Psychothapeutic group/ transference work: As a psychotherapist I found the mandala work an a-maze-ing, gentle experience of group therapy. This work alone has highlighted to me in very real tangible ways my role in relationships and new levels that I need to heal in myself and my family line. The workshop seems to have helped me start working towards that healing in a much more direct and focused way. Spiritual teaching and practice: I relished the opportunity to be taught in this way. Ritual – ceremony The ceremonies we performed were so beautiful and meaningful. I enjoyed that they were so multi layered, and allowed time to remember and remember... Community, network It was wonderful to be with and 'working' with so many people interested in so many of the same things. The warmth and unconditional love was more than I could imagine. It feels as though the wheels of my life have already started turning faster, in a new way."
"Everyone suddenly burst out singing; And I was fill'd with such delight As prison'd birds must find in freedom Winging wildly across the white Orchards and dark-green fields; on; on and out of sight.
Everyone's voice was suddenly lifted, And beauty came like the setting sun. My heart was shaken with tears; and horror Drifted away ... O but everyone Was a bird; and the song was wordless; the singing will never be done.
This poem of Siegfried Sassoon's was in my head from the first day of Jill's workshop. I think it encapsulates wonderfully everything that happened to me during that magical May week. I am calmer, happier and more peaceful having discovered the joy inside me. I've shed some of the tears and tasted the rainbow layers of emotion. I'm nicer to my family and my heart is opening. I'm trying to find the restaurant work a blessing and not stressful, although it takes dedication. Chanting helps a lot. I'm letting go. I am continuing to reap the benefits of the week, with reflections and realisations gently revealing themselves. It was wonderful to meet you all. The creativity, healing, abundance and joy is bursting out from you."
"Thank you so much for a wonderful glorious week. It has been such a joyous process. It is my first day back at work today and there is such a huge awareness that the mind is completely silent without its usual chatter and anxiety. It's glorious and it means I am being so pro-active. After being away for a week and a bit I have cleared so much work. I'm in the process of preparing for an interview on Thursday and I am so relaxed and heart-centred about it and trusting. Its wonderful. I will keep you updated as things unfold."
"I never got the opportunity to say good-bye properly yesterday and once again I'd just like to say 'thank you' for an incredible time this past week, it was great, I haven't stopped thinking about it or talking about it since I got back home."
"I haven't felt as good, as at home, as happy and alive as I did with the gang at the week since I was 18 and graduating from High school. It was fabulous. Thanks again for reminding me that the feeling is out there (I mean,"in here"). I want to create as much of that as I can around me, so it's available to more people everywhere and I don't have to wait so long to be in it again!"
"I attended your Healing Voice residential week. It was a magical and lovely respite for me! As a professional singer with a band, I was in need of healing at many levels and your sound work reached into my heart and gave me courage to seek out new directions for my life's work. I want you to know that you are an inspiration and that your work continues through your students and out into the lives of many, many people!"
"A veil lifted off."
"I feel I was given the tools to deal with life."
"So many people told me that I looked beautiful, that I was glowing. One of my closest friends said"Wow! What do they give you on that course? You are sparkling. It's like something is spilling out of you. You look fabulous!" I felt charged with energy and it has been with me since.... I sense a rightness and purpose to my life which I can now tune into and follow."
"I want to thank you for the most wonderful, magical week. I feel as though I have shed 30 years of heaviness and darkness. I feel lighter and more aware. For several days after the workshop I felt as though I was seventeen again.....Once again thank you for a week that changed my life."
"For me it was the best week of my life for various reasons. One was your presence, the strength and Love that I felt emanating from you. Somehow I soaked that up and merged it with mine. It has helped me to recognize my strength and Love emanating from me. I am soooooo happy to being able to give all that Love that I feel I have to give and your workshop has helped me doing just that. I had a lot of people coming up to me and feeding that back to me, it was absolutely awesome."
"What a marvellous journey I have just undertaken and what an amazing woman you are. I have come away feeling very positive and energised. The effects of the week are still with me and continue to support me. I feel very blessed. I am thankful to know there are so many lovely people with strong and courageous hearts and who have shared their love with me. This was all very new for me and am now very keen to follow through on my feelings of openness to universal energy. I thank you for bringing us all together with such wisdom and fun."
"Thank you again for the most magical week of my life I feel as if for the first time ever I am me !"
"Thank you so much for possibly the most amazing week of my life! It was an experience I shall never forget."
"7 days of this retreat has blown my life apart...... You, the tribe, the river the blessings and the giving-up and the incredible sense of community and intimacy has given me the strength to finally say out loud all the things I have been keeping to myself for years. I have always known who I am and what I want – but I have never been strong enough to let it be said out loud."
"Since I've been back from the retreat I didn't have much sleep because every night there were these periods of clarity during which I got these visions of my life till now in a new and different perspective, as if the Spirit wanted to show me how thoroughly and well I am prepared for the task of teacher and healer that lies ahead of me. I also"saw" the importance of meeting you and working with you. It is truly a milestone for me, a point of no return, the similarities between your way of working and the capacities that were prepared inside of me are simply dazzling."
"Thanks for laying on the most inspired piece of madness and beauty around, as ever. And in the best place."
"Firstly, a heartfelt thanks. I had no expectations of what was going to happen during the week – just the knowledge that it was important for me to attend. I returned home renewed and with the strength to"walk my talk". Over the past 18 months I had been in the process of becoming someone I didn't recognise; cynical, pessimistic, demotivated and brimming over with spiritual doubt. The experience of spending time with so many beautiful souls has given me back myself and I bless everyone for making that possible."
"Thank you a million times for a most wonderful and amazing week. Your ceremonies were tremendous – I will never forget being rocked in the centre of the pods, where the chanting sounded like waves breaking on a distant shore, so that the world still existed far away, but one was not in those moments in it."
"I am so magically enhanced by everything which happened in our very special week together."
"Thank you for everything Jill! It was a beautiful week, beyond words. I will surely come again."
"I think the week was one of the most amazing I have ever had!"
"it was the most magical, astonishing and life-changing week."
"a huge thank you for that magical week. it was ,without doubt the most wonderful, life-enhancing/life changing, week of my life(well at least of this lifetime, anyway!),and I am still having different realisations on many levels, each new day."
"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for last week. It truly was amazing and I feel that it's impact on me has been and will continue to be profound. There were so many amazing things about the week, not least the way you brought a large, diverse group of people together and through your guidance, the barriers were dissolved in no time at all. It was astonishing and I will be keeping in touch with a number of new friends."
"I felt so good at the end of the week. I felt so alive and so lucky to spend such a magical week with everyone. Thank you for this. The opportunity to spend the week with so many beautiful people was overwhelming and one that I will never forget. I don't want to give it up!. I'm booking in for more!"
"I just wanted to thank you again for that great week in Hazelwood, I got so much out of it that I don't even know where to start... quite miraculous, frankly!"
"I returned from the week feeling wonderful, lots of lovely energy was flowing and my voice has had layers uncovered in it which makes it sound deeper and richer."
"Wow! We haven't come down to earth yet and we hope we never will! Thank you for an incredibly wonderful, superbly enlightening, brilliant, fantastic, hunormously enjoyable week. (understatement)"
"Day after day I feel the benefit of the long chanting. I feel more space inside my body. My voice has a deeper resonance, I feel more confident about myself, have improved my trust in the Universe. Overall I feel calmer."

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