"I wanted to write to express huge gratitude for last weekend. It was wonderful and wondrous and words really can't convey what an honour it was to have been a part of it. A several magical things have happened since (none of which will surprise you probably). In myself, I have been feeling lighter and less afraid and burdened by my father and his political burdens. I know some of the healing is still working through me, but I am hugely grateful for the insights that I have already received and I thank you so much for so compassionately and gently leading us through to this place."
"I am so thrilled that I was able to come and experience this weekend with you. It is incredible what I am experiencing with my kids, with strangers, I love it. And I am already looking forward to June. So happy to have gotten the opportunity to meet you, Love from rainy Zürich."
"I found the family weekend that I attended to be a most powerful, revealing, loving, caring, safe and healing experience – totally amazing and words cannot truly give credence to the work you do. As you have said, it is on-going and I will let you know what changes in my life."
"Thank you very much for an intensely moving weekend – in all senses. I felt very complete on Saturday, Sunday stirred up something deep whilst healing other parts of me along the way. I left feeling stirred, and since, have been feeling very full."
"I wanted to send you a belated thank you for the weekend, and also let you know that there have been massive movements in the past two weeks since then for me regarding dynamics within my family in a way that has been very positive for me.........The weekend was absolutely magical and has had huge effects."
"Thank you for another wonderful, powerful weekend. I think I told everyone on the tube, and in every shop, cafe on the way back to red bridge car park....I'm babbling on but, it really is soooooo amazing! Plus of course, my daughter whose shift has been dramatic since the last two healing weekends with you. I do feel she has been freed by it, to step into her own life, and me into mine."
"First of all I would like to thank you deeply for your help, guidance and caring. Last weekend I had one of the most fullfilling and moving experiences in my life."
"I am greatly moved by your work and felt buoyant for the first time in ages for about a week after the weekend with you. I can see your work, as it helps to create peace and healing within our individual families, move in the direction of peace for the family of man. Your kindness and integrity have touched my heart greatly."
"The last weekend was absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I feel that everything that had been on my mind has been addressed and on so many levels. I have been feeling really energized since then, new life indeed."
"I found last weekend so revealing and profound, I learnt so much about what we carry from our families and why and how, invaluable information passed on in such an enjoyable and loving way. Many thanks again for your loving work and help."
"Many thanks for a truly amazing weekend. I am so glad that my wife put me in touch with you! I am already looking forward to the next weekend!"
"It was a wonderful healing weekend, I feel more 'myself' than I have ever experienced. Geoff benefited enormously too. In gratitude and love."
"I would like to thank you for an inspiring and thought-provoking weekend. I can't really say I had many expectations (as I didn't know what to expect), but whatever they were, were well and truly surpassed. It felt such an honour to be witness to the family stories of the rest of the group, and so supported by their unconditional respect and love. Robin found the experience as fascinating and as moving as me, and we would both like to do another. Although it is best that Robin speaks for himself, there has been a huge energy shift for both of us. I feel as though a large slice of fear has disappeared from the top of my fear pile. At the moment, I am feeling calmer and more grounded than I have felt for years. I am not waking in the night with chilled kidneys. Laughter and playfulness seem more accessible. Although I lived a lot in an imaginary world as a child, I don't think I really had much of a sense of knowing how to play. I am also finding it easier to make decisions about things I have been procrastinating about. I have felt well grounded this week within my own energy bubble when working with clients, and have been able to be really grounded for them. I fact, I have felt energised, rather than drained when they leave. I happened to have already made an arrangement to see my mother on Monday this week. It was fascinating: clearly I projected a totally different energy. She in turn talked (uninvited) about why she had left my father. I asked about her deceased uncle and found out his name and discovered my mother's eldest brother is named after him. ....So, Jill, I think you were spot on in identifying him as an important figure in my family. Experiencing life with less fear is wonderful. I hope I can hang on to that. Heartfelt thanks,"
"How to begin to describe my wonderment...........I was incredibly moved over the weekend and feel a very lucky girl for having been led to your door.......I am basking in a sense of peace and harmony and awareness that feels not only wonderful but very exciting as I feel an unraveling has begun deep within – an unraveling which has been many years due. I have also tempted both husband and mother to sign on, which in itself speaks volumes. Thank you again from the depths of my being......"
"Well what can I say? The weekend was an amazing experience, exceeding any expectations I may have had! The group was so lovely and I felt completely safe. Thank you so much for everything and Julze and I will definitely be coming again, probably later in the year."
"Thanks again for being the master conductor in this weekend's wonderful ceremony of family healing. Sheer bliss. The energy was finally able to move somewhere else and I was able to receive the healing that my soul had yearned for. Jill, thank you for everything. You somehow manage to create such a strong field of love during these workshops that even the pain from the worst tragedy is soothed."
"Thank you for a yummy, intense, thought and emotion provoking weekend."
"Thank you for a very uplifting, clearing, interesting weekend."
"Thank you so much for your powerful energy and for 'holding the space' whilst we explored the source of our pain over the weekend. I can honestly say that it has been transformational for me. I have been 'working with myself and my patterns' for the past six years and it never fails to amaze me how much more there is to uncover. Once again, thank you so much – you are worth your weight in gold."
"On the Monday after the weekend, I felt a deep sense of stillness- quite extraordinary. It was a fascinating weekend. It could almost be described as magical."
"I wanted to write to you immediately on Monday, but found myself still processing the experience. It was truly quite profound. A rare opportunity for our ancestors to make amends and find peace in spirit which in our case resonates like a stone falling in water in the delicate web of our family field. On Monday it was as if the colours in the world were more vibrant. As if I have taken a pair of glasses off! When I had finished my session, I had a very vivid image of gratitude and deep relief in spirit world...I could sense they were all very happy. I had asked the universe for something like this but in the face of the experience have been humbled by it. And as for Grahame....well it seems that miracles are possible! He is indeed a new uncle! He was moved, changed, opened and transformed by the weekend. What a challenge..and what an extraordinary result. Finally...Jill. Growing up with my mother, I have met many avatars, teachers and healers, monks and psychics....soothsayers and priestess' . This ancestral family weekend actually works!!!!! I am awestruck by your humility in the face of the immense power that courses through your veins."
"It was a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed it thoroughly."
"I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, it was brilliant and very helpful for me, and the people there were amazing, it was great to be with them and share. It is certainly an experience that I would love to have again, but I think week end are better because you can only choose one issue at a time to really work on, so with week end you have more opportunities. Since the week end I have felt a lot more energy, and like a weight have been lifted from my shoulders, and its a great feeling."
"Thank you for an amazing, illuminating, humbling and profoundly moving weekend. It will take me some time, I think, to apprehend all that it has meant – to the extent that I will ever manage this on the conscious level."
"The weekend really was a most extraordinary experience. Very loving, holding, thoughtful, deep, caring and healing."
"This weekend was a joy! .... and thank you again."
"The spiritual intensity and profound emotion of the three days of your course was an incredible experience for me. I had no pre-conceived ideas and came with a completely open mind. The shamanic day was a vital prelude. Experiencing the four 'parts' were essential to the whole. I felt I could have absolute trust and faith. My own family healing came before I had fully witnessed and understood the process. I still learnt a lot, but wasn't fully focused. Experiencing the other family healings was easily the most valuable as there were so many resonances I could relate to in my own experiences. I was amazed at the way your physical presence flowed and appeared to be omni-present as you absorbed and reflected all that was going on. At the end of the last session I felt replete. I had taken so much into my being in the three day course I couldn't possibly take any more. I am left with so many resonances, an immense store of ideas and emotions that will I will savour for a long long time. Spiritually I feel so joyful my friends think I have fallen in love! My daughter phoned to talk to me on Tuesday evening. Usually I am the one to phone, and I talk to the grandchildren as she is not available so it looks like miracles are afoot already!"
"Just a thank you for a very wonderful and profound weekend. I am feeling more grounded since the weekend and already have a new sense of being! It was truly wonderful meeting."
"Thank you for a wonderful weekend in which many things were brought to the surface. When I travelled home the next day I felt as if I had opened up many possibilities and I felt excited but at peace too."
"I found the weekends events amazing and feel that I left a lot of pain behind that was making everything in my life confusing. Thank you for being such a brilliant guide. Paul my husband was very interested in everything that we had done and is very keen to come to a workshop."
"Thank you for a wonderful weekend. Just magic. Thank you. My whole left side feels like it is vibrating with some sort of joy, I can't describe it. I feel at times as though I am holding hands with my ancestors. It is a beautiful sensation. Thank you."
"Thank you so much for the incredible weekend. It unblocked a log jam. There has certainly been healing for Jo, my daughter."
"The weekend was a profound experience for me. I was scared stiff about baring my soul and being emotional I was very glad to finally have a go at sorting through the issues at last and feel that I would be able to do it again (and would like to). I'd like to say thank you for what you do and the kind and compassionate way in which you do it."
"I want to thank you for the fantastic weekend. I find your 'healing the family' work so amazing – incredibly deep and powerful, and so engrossing and fascinating. I have had so many wonderful things happen both to me and my family since I started doing the work with you, and I felt somehow I was 'closing the circle' with this last workshop, getting to the final stage of this particular thread. Though they have all been truly great, this constellation for me was particularly strong. It felt so good to be able to acknowledge my ancestors and family line in this way, whatever had happened, and it means so much to me. I have felt really fantastic since the weekend, and very connected to my family as well. Thanks again for making this possible and providing the space for it to happen in. I really look forward to carry on with this work, I agree it is an oracle – a wonderful exercise in trust for me as well, and in compassion. Just standing in the present and trusting it will move in the right way and seeing that every time it does. And realising how no one is to blame but that we are all part of the web and to forgive and heal and see that. It is one of the most wonderful healing ceremonies I haver ever known, so thank you so much again."
"Thank you for your email and especially for the weekend. It was the most intense experience I have ever gone through and i am still reeling from it. Since the weekend life seems a lot more colourful and although there are the usual problems with surviving, I notice there are more smiles coming my way."
"I can't tell you how much I have got out of all the family weekends I have done with you over the years. I liken them to atomic bombs which expand ever-outwards over time. I think the time when I knew, finally, that everything was going to be ok was after the last weekend. It was at that point that I knew I was going to be ok. And now everything just unfolds, and I have greater faith that everything will be ok, or rather that everything IS OK. Thank you. I will forever be in your debt."
"Thank you for a wonderful and intense weekend. It was totally unexpected and therefore the more magical! I don't really have a description for how I felt about the whole journey other than to say that each moment / experience felt to be complete in itself and surpasses what my conscious mind may try to grasp or explain. Irrevocably everything that happened caused a ripple, but truthfully, I'd rather not seek to know the effects of each wave, I'd rather my brain stayed ignorant and my heart open to the oneness that is all-knowing. Everything is always / will always be as it should be!"
"I can only sum up my experience of the weekend by saying that it realy does feel as though a curse has been lifted. A darkness and sense of threat which have lived at the back of my mind all my life have cleared away, leaving me much more free to determine my own path. You were as good as your word – it's like the extraction of an old poison. I felt beautifully at ease for the first three days after the course – mind clear and calm and unobstructed."
"I am still reeling from the vibrations we created over the weekend! It was a very rich and fulfilling experience, and I thank you SO much for making it, and all that powerful healing,"
"Thank you for the weekend – it was astonishing, quite different from anything I had expected. For me, the result that was first clear, when I woke on Monday morning, was that I begin to see much more easily what work is mine to do in the family, and what is for others to attend to – that feels very relaxing!"
"I can't begin to thank you for the wonderful weekend of family healing. I hardly know how to express my feelings – it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done – and so incredibly loving and supportive and shared. I felt utterly fantastic last night and today (Monday) and the world seems like a very beautiful place to be. I still feel very emotional but compassion is all around in a very strong way and I feel strongly connected to everyone still (it was difficult to leave them last night). I find I now have lots of questions about mine and my family's unfolding, can't really remember much about it, though I know it will move in the way it needs to. It was so wonderful to be part of other people's constellations and be continually healed and cleansed by all their stories too – it was such a rich weekend and I feel so privileged to have been allowed to share in them and take part."
"What an amazing weekend the Family Weekend ten days ago was for me. It felt like we did tremendous work, so many layers unwound, so many hurts healed. Specifically for me, I got the deep bonding I've needed with my mother, the beginning of the healing of my relationship with my brother, a movement towards harmony in my family and a marriage of my inner masculine and inner feminine. It was all as I say a very powerful weekend for me, thank you. I look forward to the next one."
"Many thanks for the weekend. It was a real eye opener for me, especially with regard to some of the things said by my siblings. It's also given me a great deal of insight into a lot of the choices I've made in my life and the way I've seen the world at large."
"I have only praise headed your way. I truly found the weekend to be a unique experience, and one I am very happy to have had the privileged of taking part in. Not only do I feel much more grounded as a result, but a lot more at ease with all aspects of my life, and not only those related to the family. I really want to say a massive Thank You for all you have helped me achieve. It was a pleasure and a privilege being able to work with you."
"It was a wonderful weekend. After 3 of them, I now feel I have released something important and shifted a weight. I feel free! The last family story felt like a closure of all the work we have been doing, and felt amazingly appropriate at the end of the weekend. It was a real blessing and I have been thanking the guides and beings around us ever since! I am really, really grateful for having basked in your wisdom and your guidance since last November. I really look forward to coming back for more."
"The Glasgow weekend was an amazing, profound and truly healing 3 days. I felt so privileged to be allowed to work with you and watch the graceful and joyous healing of so much pain completed so lovingly and elegantly. Thank you, Jill, for such generous giving and healing, I feel so much more relaxed. To see so many of my passed family come in during my session was a relief although also so sad, as well as so encouraging, and I know now that the first steps have been taken and we can only continue to get better."
"I found the workshop initially challenging and quite daunting. It seemed inconceivable, in view of the way I had been feeling over the preceding weeks that I might be"capable" of getting in touch with myself and participating, but as the weekend progressed I felt more and more relaxed and able to take part and give myself up to new ideas .I found that over the weekend the depression that I am currently living with lifted and I felt more in touch with myself and more valued. On my return home I found that I had a much clearer vision of how I could 'be' with my immediate family, particularly in my marriage where relations are very unsatisfactory on an emotional level. This feeling helps me to see a way forward with a sense of calm in place of panic/depression. For the main part I have found much greater sympathy and understanding for my broader family and the world family in general including myself. I feel that I judge less and 'love' more and have a more open view of things. I am trying to focus on this and on finding time to 'listen' to the silence amongst the many distractions of my overcrowded day to day life. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and hope to return sometime this year to work with you again."
"Thank you so much for introducing and guiding me through such a powerful ceremony. I went to my older sister's the following day and the flow of feeling between us was definitely the strongest it has been for a long time. It was a very joyful time. Thank you for such an insightful and moving weekend."
"I thought that the weekend workshop was absolutely stunning. The way you work, your energy and your generosity is awesome. I love that you so totally trust the process and always do exactly what is needed. It was amazing to watch and to be a part of that intensive healing and revelatory work. Just before you came to me I was experiencing the room as an ancient temple, plants growing up the stone pillars which were bathed in sunshine as there was no roof. I was quite gone! The healing continues outside the workshop, as we know!"
"I found the weekend workshop quite amazing. It seemed very profound and important. It was beautiful. It was the second weekend I have attended with you and, as with the first introductory weekend back at the start of the year I felt a great rapport with all the people attending, as if we were all part of the same soul family. On the evening of the first Friday after day 1, I felt wonderfully light and joyful."
"Thank you for hosting such a great weekend of family healing. I feel lighter than I have done in a long while."
"I am thinking how I am going to phrase my thanks to you for the most amazing weekend. I have been to many workshops, but working with you has touched me (and everyone else, I am sure) on a very deep level – working with you has made me deeply aware of the connectedness with everyone else and how our stories are but variations of the same themes."

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