"I also wanted to say thank you. With your help, I have really begun to live my life in a richer, fuller way. Many of the small hurdles which seemed problematic and few of the large boulders which impeded my life's progress have just dissolved away."
"Thank you so much for that songs, practising, and fruits in my life. I love working with somebody who really knows her stuff, and your knowledge, both theoretical and practical, is deep, rich, broad and originally integrated. I also like the way you handled the workshop with gentle authority. We kept up quite a pace, there were no dead patches, yet the time flew and it was energising rather than tiring. To see you produce the overtones live was astonishing – everybody gasped – and to go straight in to having a go ourselves was magical. We were clumsy and uncertain but sounds began to appear all around us, like Prospero's island Chanting and singing was what seemed to be happening, but there was meditation too. ..This was a seeing of the ears, but it had the same quality of timelessness and revelation.. There is even something more than being together here. In the chanting there is an experience of being human. Something fundamental to our consciousness is going on. I think you referred at one point to the pervasive delusion of individual consciousness. For a while we were not deluded. Thank you,"
"I had the occasion to be in your presence for two days and an evening. Your power and wisdom and love have made a huge impression. My life was already in movement, but now bigger changes come in. Perhaps the overtone singing has put me over the border. The last step to change my life. I'm very greatful to have shared and I'm sure we'll meet again. Thanks for everything...!"
"I am happy to hear from you after that very inspiring and healing workshop in Todtmoos. I keep chanting in different situations: walking, sitting in a train, in the bathroom, kitchen, while ironing or now, while writing. I'm feeling being more erect in my spine, widened in my shoulders and breath, purified in my being, encouraged in my speech and singing. No words could have done this."
"Thank you for coming to Denmark, sharing your voice, love and knowledge with us- It was a very inspiring and joyful and touching weekend for me-I had a feeling of so much love and unity inside me – especially Sunday-that was a beautiful ceremony- I've never had such nice feeling hearing – that was very strong to me. I think, that my voice has changed-has become stronger – and more"precise" especially in the lower levels-and I went to a studio 10 days ago, to make my first music demo-and the result is so nice- so I think that I'm going to make much more of that- make my own CD- with my own songs."
"I really enjoyed the weekend – many thanks. I have always sung and when I was in my late teens to early twenties, I received lessons from a pupil of Roy Henderson who, of course, taught Kathleen Ferrier. After the weekend, I found that I produce a much more resonant and forward sound, so much so, that when I helped augment a choir at the weekend I was surprised by what emerged from my mouth and so was the vicar who was sitting very near me! Also, I experienced a vibrational 'straightening' within my body. I can't describe the feeling exactly but I think that best describes the sensation."
"It was an honor to spend time with you. You are a master teacher and an inspiring example of a woman in her own power. I've experienced much greater freedom in toning and singing, as well as continued benefits from body changes The workshop was an added incentive and inspiration to continue delving deeper into the power of sound, particularly overtones, to truly 'ree-nchant the world'"
"Your spirit succeeded in spreading to others a place of safety and support for all. Since my one day of the workshop, I can finally hear some of the music I've been listening for all of my life. Music that takes me to a place of oneness with all there is. Thank you for guiding me on the path."
"Thank you for the extraordinary opportunity to work with you and explore the magical world of sacred sound with you and the other participants. The depth of your exploration into sound and your commitment to transforming each of us and guiding us to BE PRESENT and ultimately expanding what is possible in the world is truly inspiring. I certainly hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future."
"Thank you for the wonderful days in Santa Fe. I have been hearing about you for a long time, so it was so good to participate with you in person."
"So honored to meet you in Santa Fe. The work you do with such grace has inspired me deeply. Thank you so much for your courage to weave together many traditions in your healing work. You are beautiful. I'm hooked. Must find some way to get to be with you again. Lovely little synchronous moment. I love the mystery of it."
"How much I felt your wisdom and compassion. Thank you for your work and beautiful presence. You have a gift for storytelling which resonates so deeply with me. I would love to attend your Solstice workshop- I had a very magical time indeed."
"I felt such a positive shift from the work we did over the weekend."
"As with everything that is felt deeply, there are no words to express my gratitude to you and your gracious offerings to those who will listen. I will be coming to the Somerset countryside in April."
"There is a strong, comfortable connection that I feel with you. When we were up close and talking I realized that you look different from what I was used to so it must be other lives. Again, I want to thank you for your clear teachings and your full integrity. I hope to see you again at some point when the opportunity presents itself."
"Precious sound master Jill Purce I trust a way will open for this humble student to approach you again."
"The 'enchanting' days are over for now, I am trying to find my old/new rhythm in the world I am in, hoping to maintain the field of high resonance we all created with your help."
"It was nice to meet you in Santa Fe. I was inspired by your lectures, as I am a recovering academic who is finding his voice in electroacoustic music (very cool that you worked with Stockhausen!). I am very interested in taking one of your workshops, and would love to do one of the Glastonbury ones."
"Thank you so much for the beautiful workshop in Santa Fe. It was truly a wonderful experience."
"How amazing and brilliant you are. It was an honor to meet and be in your presence. Thank you."
"Vivian and I continue to talk a great deal about your workshops. I was left with a sense that I had just done very hard work that needed to be done. Not a sense of, oh that was delightful and wonderful and I'm blissed out. Rather, a sense that my spirit had worked hard."
"My heart is filled with gratitude for the days we spent together in Santa Fe. Thank you again for everything. It was what I needed at this time."

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